Our products

The large color touch screen is intuitive and makes operation simple and error free. The very clean and straight forward label path allow anyone to quickly change the label roll. Mechanical printer adjustments are eliminated thanks to the rigid and precise chassis, which secure high quality printing over time.   


T43 - 4" Thermal transfer printer with 300 dpi resolution

T63 - 6" Thermal transfer printer with 300 dpi resolution

Marking stations

Autolabel also offers complete marking stations. These marking stations handle the product completely in regard of speed, apply distance, print & apply and optionally also rating, positioning, weighing, control scanning and rejection.

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Blow - From side or top without touching the target. No moving parts allows up to 90 labels / minute. For D43 printer.

Blow Vac - Blow applicator for large size labels that also suits the Autolabel thermal transfer printers

Belt - Fast, flexible and precise applicator for top or bottom labeling. 

Tamp - Labeling with millimeter precision from side or top. Fast pneumatic tamp up to 120 labels / minute.

e-Tamp - Flexible and safe labeling with stroke length up to 650 mm. Can label side, top, front or end of boxes.

e-Wipe - Very fast applicator (up to 3 labels/s) for small labels. Suitable for barcode labeling in wood industry and more.

e-Wipe Large - Flexible stepper motor driven applicator for front, rear, top and front+top label applications.

e-Wipe 90Flexible stepper motor driven applicator for front, rear, side, front+side label applications.

Wipe Large - Applies various large size labels in the front of boxes or on the top of sacks

Pallet - FlexWipeSafe, compact, fast and cost effective. Autolabel FlexWipe is a giant leap for Pallet Labeling