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Wipe applicator technical specifications

The Autolabel wipe applicator can apply labels on most sides of the product – side, above, front, rear. Two side labeling; two labels can be applied on adjacent sides or one long label can be applied around the corner (front+side, front+top, side+rear or top+rear).
For front and rear labeling, the wipe applicator arm reach up to 75 mm distance from the corner of the carton to the center of the label. The label size can be as small as 30x30 mm and up to 118x200 mm. 
In case of a collision with the applicator arm when it is in out position, nothing gets damaged thanks to the built in flex of the arm.

With several independent and integrated vacuum ejectors, the patented applicator plate allow different size labels, gives safe label apply and minimized air consumption.  The low weight makes it fast – up to 70 labels per minute.

The mechanical, electrical and pneumatic interface between the Autolabel applicators and printers are all the same plug-and-play standard.

 Suitable printer models D43, T43
 Minimum label size 30x30 mm
 Maximum label size (WxL) 118x200 mm
 Maximum apply distance 70 mm
 Air supply 6 bar, clean and dry
 Communication CANopen