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Blow applicator technical specifications

Autolabel blow applicator is used for non-contact label apply from the side or from above. A unique air-knife apply the label with good precision to the product without touching it. The apply distance can be as long as up to 100 mm. No moving parts gives very high speed with Autolabel standard printer (160 mm/s) – up to 90 labels/min with small labels. With optional high-speed app, print speed up to 300 mm/s is available which allow up to 180 labels/min.

The same applicator can handle label size from 35x35 mm to 100x100 mm. When changing from one label length to another, the air knife position is easy to set with a thumb screw. This is easy even in a dark environment with the built in LED that lights up inside the applicator.

The mechanical, electrical and pneumatic interface between the Autolabel applicators and printers are all the same plug-and-play standard.

 Suitable printer models D43
 Minimum label size 35x35 mm
 Maximum label size 100x100 mm
 Maximum apply distance 100 mm
 Label on grid signal Yes
 Air supply 6 bar, clean and dry
 Communication CANopen