e-Wipe Applicator
Originally developed for high speed labeling of planks in the wood industry, the Autolabel e-Wipe applicator is not only very fast, it is also built for tough environments. The capacity is up to 3 labels per second with variable information and without any print queue, ensuring the right product is labelled with the correct information every time. The e-Wipe applicator suits the D43 and the T43 printers and it apply labels with size from 50x15 mm up to 118x40 mm.
True printer & applicator integration
The fact that Autolabel develops both the printer and the applicator, gives total control of the complete print & apply cycle. This is crucial to allow up to 3 labels per second with variable information, without print queue and including back-feeding between every label. The stepper motor driven e-Tamp gives additional control of the apply sequence, where the label is held firmly on the light, strong and patented applicator plate.
Wood - Norrskog Wood Products (NWP)
Near Östersund, Sweden, NWP is labelling individual planks with barcode and other product information, using the Autolabel T43 with e-Wipe applicator. To ensure the system is not damaged if a plank accidentally arrives in wrong position, the system is mounted on an optional intelligent protective sledge that then would tilt up the system away from the plank. CodeIT AS is successfully representing Autolabel in Sweden & Norway.