Blow Vac Applicator

The Autolabel Blow Vac applicator allow contact free and safe labeling of labels with size up to 150x100 mm (6"x4") for the T63 printer or up to 118x100 mm (4 3/4"x4") with the D43 or T43 printer. The patented applicator plate with integrated vacuum injectors and blow nozzle, allow high accuracy label apply of distances up to 200 mm. 

Applies large labels without moving parts

The Blow-Vac applicator has no mechanical moving parts to apply the label. This fact enable customers with the highest safety requirements, to have the Autolabel print and apply system installed "without any expensive and cumbersome safety covers", to quote Hugo Lavoie, Technical Supervisor UP1 at L'Oréal Canada. 

Hair-colour products - L'Oréal Canada

In total 18 Autolabel T63 Blow-Vac print and apply systems are installed throughout L'Oréal Canada's plant. It's proven reliability and innovative applicator that applies large labels with high precision from a long distance without any mechanical moving parts, exceeded L'Oréal Canada's tough requirements.