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Autolabel FlexWipe - a giant leap for Pallet Labeling

posted Jun 10, 2016, 12:27 AM by Martin Dijkstra   [ updated Jun 10, 2016, 8:35 AM ]

Print and Apply machines are critical links in almost all kinds of production chains and in logistic centers, yet they are often overlooked and there is a great potential for improvements. For example today’s pallet labelers are big, slow and complex and cumbersome with many inherent safety risks. Autolabel doesn’t think they have to be and is therefore releasing a truly innovative, different and patent pending pallet labeler.

The FlexWipe (Patent Pending) gives you:

  • Enhanced Safety: Trap point risks between the applicator arm and the printer or pallet are eliminated with the Autolabel Tactile Applicator. No safety guarding required.

There is no crushing hazard between the FlexWipe system and the pallet thanks to the Pivotable Machine Mount. If a person gets between the pallet and the system, it simply rotates to let the person through.

  • Maximized Throughput: With its light and durable Monocoque Arm, the system exceeds to print, apply and check scan 5 dual-sided pallets per minute.

Label roll changes take only 20 seconds thanks to the One Roller Solution.

  • Ensured Traceability: Pallets are often uneven packed or contain products that create an uneven surface. The Autolabel FlexWipe pallet labeling system labels safely to any surface with its Touch And Flex Apply solution.

The optimal reading position allows the camera to check scan all the barcodes printed on the label.

  • Released Flexibility: The patent pending Free Motion Apply allows one standard FlexWipe system to label the front, side and the rear face of the pallet. If check scan is not required, it can label all three sides without stopping the pallet at all.

This pallet labeler saves a lot of floor space, not only thanks to its minimal footprint but also due to the fact that the safe system negates the need of expensive and cumbersome safety guards.

  • Simplified Integration: The modern Linux based platform simplifies integration to customers or system integrators software systems. The open and defined Autolabel API is used for full control of the system, the XML support is an easy way to transfer label data and select label layout. Additionally, built-in digital I/O:s are configurable from the standard Autolabel on board software.